Swedish Massage


Swedish massage, or “therapeutic massage”, currently represents the Western standard for massage therapy. It is a general massage system that focuses on increasing circulation and promoting relaxation. Based on a Western approach to anatomy and physiology – rather than the predominant focus of Asian massage techniques on flow of energy within the body – Swedish massage incorporates five types of basic stroke: effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement and vibration.

Swedish massage is an expected modality for most spas around the world.

Experience one of our most popular courses with this simple step-by-step video which demonstrates the main movements and techniques of Swedish Massage and how to combine them, just as we teach them on our in-house course. There are lots of close-ups so that you can see the techniques in detail, together with wide angle shots to allow you to view the therapist’s body-mechanics.

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  • Author: Bali BISA