Thai Massage with Herbal Packs


Thai Massage techniques enable skilled practitioners to press muscles and to balance energy levels. This aids flexibility and equalizes the muscles on both sides of the body. The end result is similar to that achieved by yoga in which the person does all the work themselves; Thai Massage provides all the same benefits without any exertion on the part of the client.

Thai massage techniques can also be used as a healing treatment for chronic pain and for relieving stiffness in older people. As it embodies so many harmonious elements, the modality is also very popular as a pampering treatment.

Experience one of our most popular courses with this simple step-by-step video which demonstrates the main movements and techniques of Thai Massage and how to combine them, just as we teach them on our in-house course. There are lots of close-ups so that you can see the techniques in detail, together with wide angle shots to allow you to view the therapist’s body-mechanics.

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  • Author: Bali BISA